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Fortnite is entering the final week of Season 7, and you’ll need to place warning signs this week in order to complete one of the last Legendary Quests of the season. There are a few places where you can do this, and we’ll show you each of them so you can decide which route makes the most sense for you. This challenge will go live on Wednesday, September 8 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET.

There are three towns in which you can place warning signs, and each town offers multiple spots for you to perform the task. Given that you need to place four warning signs in total, you could complete this challenge by only visiting one location if you’re really efficient. We’ll still show you all the spots though, just in case it takes multiple tries or you have to book it out of one region simply to survive the round.

Let’s start in Misty Meadows. There are three signs with which you can interact in this location. You can find them:

  • Just off the northern road by the coffee shop
  • In front of the deli at the end of the same road
  • Outside the covered picnic area beside the clock tower
Warning signs in Misty Meadows
Warning signs in Misty Meadows

If your travels take you instead to Dirty Docks, you can find four signs there too. Look for warning signs:

  • Outside the central brick building with the jagged roof
  • Outside on the northeast corner of the silver warehouse
  • Outside on the southwest (opposite) corner of the same silver warehouse
  • On the sidewalk near the tall orange cranes
Warning signs in Dirty Docks
Warning signs in Dirty Docks

If neither locale suits you, you can find three more signs within Pleasant Park. Place warning signs:

  • On the sidewalk beside the northeastern white house
  • On the sidewalk between the central gazebo and the eastern brown house
  • On the sidewalk opposite the western white house
Warning signs in Pleasant Park
Warning signs in Pleasant Park

In narrative terms, you’ll be placing these signs to warn the people of Apollo that something big is happening, and they may just be caught in the crash zone. Slone’s final plan, Operation: Sky Fire, is set to deliver a final explosive sendoff to the alien invaders, and locations like Misty Meadows, Dirty Docks, and Pleasant Park may be made anew in Fortnite Season 8.

Don’t forget to finish off the complete list of Week 14 challenges before the operation is underway this weekend. It’ll be your last chance to earn Season 7 XP.

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