Fun And Interesting Monster High Doll Dress Up Games



The Monster High Doll Dress Up Game is perfect for fans of Monster High, and especially for girls who enjoy dressing dolls. This game gives them the opportunity to make their chosen figure look pretty (or scary!) using the many items of clothing and accessories there are to choose from.

In Monster High Doll Dress Up there is a female figure to style. There are lots of trendy outfits and fashionable accessories to choose from; meaning that in this game the player becomes the stylist.

To start the dress up all you need to do is select a category – you can choose the model’s bag, tights, footwear, accessories, top, bottoms, make-up, hair style, hair color, hair accessories, earrings, and necklace. When you click any of these categories, shoes for example, you can choose from a wide range of boot, shoe and sandal styles.

Make-up choices range from subtle to full-on gothic. Your goth girl can have flowing blonde locks or straight, electric blue hair. You can choose from gothic tops to preppy blouses. You can select colorful leggings, fashionable shorts, or super cute skirts, and there are shoulder bags and handbags too, to complete the look.

All the current styles in tights and socks are there; from over the knee socks to wildly patterned tights. There’s even a pair with wings! Every girl loves her jewelry, and your Monster High girl is no exception. Deck her out in beautiful earrings and necklaces; they don’t have to match! Creativity is our motto here. Our girl carries some strange things around with her too, including an owl or a very spooky umbrella.

Although no one is pretending that Monster High Doll Dress Up is an intellectual game, it will give children hours of fun while helping them to think creatively. What’s great about this game is that she may develop an eye for style and fashion. Most designers today started by playing dress up with their dolls. Who knows? This game might inspire her to become the next Diane Von Furstenberg or Betsey Johnson!

This online game is perfect for kids with parents on a tight budget. Buying dolls’ clothes can be expensive! This way kids can have all the fun with none of the expense.

The graphics of the game are great, so you can see each and every detail of the wardrobe items or the accessory. There’s accompanying sounds as well to improve the game’s interface. The colors are amazing too.

If your child is in the mood to be a designer, then this game is perfect for them.



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