Genshin Impact: Three Realms Gateway Offering

Genshin Impact: Three Realms Gateway Offering

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Genshin Impact’s latest update, Three Realms Gateway Offering, kicks off with a Part I quest to unlock the more hefty Part II. Part I consists of three different trials, and each asks players to access four Flames of the High Gate in indicated locations. Below is info on how to overcome the puzzles and challenges present in Three Realms Gateway’s preliminary quest.

Yachimatahiko’s Trial

Notice that there are familiar puzzle mechanisms from the previous Enkanomiya event: Triangular mechanisms that can be activated with elemental attacks, as well as moveable walls and gates. You can approach the four Flames in any order, but here’s my recommended sequence for an easy clear.

Flame 1

Triangular Mechanism On Ground Floor. Flame 1 Is Locked In The Room Across From The Mechanism.
Triangular mechanism on ground floor. Flame 1 is locked in the room across from the mechanism.
  1. Go to the center of the complex and change to Whitenight.
  2. Approach the Triangular mechanism as indicated in the photo (it’s the only one you can initially get to on the ground floor) and hit it with an elemental attack. The gate will slide up, revealing another Triangular mechanism that can’t be activated yet.
  3. Go back to the center and change to Evernight. The previously broken Triangular mechanism can now be seen and hit. Once you do so, the moveable door will slide in, opening up access for an enclosed Flame.
  4. Profit. (Go get the now-free Flame.)

Flame 2

Okay, Not A Great Angle. But Flame 2 Is Located On Above Ground To The Right Of The Three Light Pillars.
Okay, not a great angle. But Flame 2 is located on above ground to the right of the three light pillars.
  1. Stay with Evernight. Approach the Triangular mechanism as indicated in the photo. (It’s located higher than the first Flame.)
  2. Hit it with an elemental attack. The moveable wall will then slide in, freeing another Flame.
  3. Go get the Flame.

Flame 3

Make Sure Flame 1'S Gate Is Still Up. Flame 3 Is Down The Corridor From Flame 1.
Make sure Flame 1’s gate is still up. Flame 3 is down the corridor from Flame 1.

This third one is a bit trickier than the previous two. You’ll notice that regardless of Whitenight or Evernight, the third Flame is hidden behind a transparent blue barrier. Also notice that during Whitenight, three columns of light appear on top of a building. This will correspond to how you should make the walls and gates move in order to make the barrier vanish.

Follow these steps:

  1. Change to Whitenight. Make sure the gate activated in Flame 1 is still up.
  2. DO NOT move any of the walls from where you pushed them in order to access the first two Flames.
  3. The barrier should then be removed and the Flame accessible.

Flame 4

Glide Down From Higher Elevation To Get Flame 4.
Glide down from higher elevation to get Flame 4.

This one is located at a high point where the three pillars of light appear during Whitenight. To get to it, climb to a higher elevation and glide down to grab the Flame.

Yachimatahime’s Trial

Flame Route
Flame route

Once you look into a well, you’ll get four pictures of each of Flames’ locations. There’s no puzzles here–simply follow the route indicated above for maximum efficiency.

Kunado’s Trial

Here You'Ll Face Four Rounds Of Very Annoying Enemies.
Here you’ll face four rounds of very annoying enemies.

This one, unlike the first and second trial, is a combat test. Once you light all the totems with Pyro elemental attacks (found at the base of statues) four rounds of very annoying enemies will appear. If your DPS team is even half-way decent, these should pose no problem.

  1. Rifthound Whelp Group: These apply Corrosion status to your party members, an effect that continually decreases their HP. Also if you attack the Rifthound whelps with the same element as their element, their attacks will become more ferocious.
  2. Abyss Mages: This group has a really irritating elemental trio–Electro, Pyro, and Hydro Abyss mages. Break their shields and kill them one-by-one.
  3. Bathysmal Vishaps: You’ve probably fought a lot of these in your Enkanomiya journey. And you’ll need to do so again here. Just DPS them down.
  4. Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents: A Hydro enemy than can increase party members’ CD cooldown time.

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