“Halloween Ends” To ‘Make People Angry’

Halloween Ends To Make People Angry
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With “Halloween Kills” now out in cinemas, the second of three planned “Halloween” revival films from director David Gordon Green is finally here.

The third, “Halloween Ends,” arrives next year with the script now complete after two years of work with co-writer Danny McBride. Green has made it clear this is very much a trilogy and so ‘Ends’ will offer an ending for the current cycle of the franchise.

Before it does though, expect ‘Ends’ to change things up a bit and go in a direction that could upset some. Speaking with Uproxx, Green confirms that while the 2018 revival and ‘Kills’ are set on the same night, ‘Ends’ will jump forward four years to a post-pandemic world.

He confirms that the residents of Haddonfield will have endured the coronavirus pandemic just like the real world:

“Where we’re leaving these characters on Halloween 2018, the world is a different place. So not only do they have their immediate world affected by that trauma, having time to process that trauma – and that’s a specific and immediate traumatic event in the community of Haddonfield. But then they also had a worldwide pandemic and peculiar politics and another million things that turned their world upside down.”

In addition, ‘Ends’ will grapple with what actress Jamie Lee Curtis has labeled the ‘cultural phenomenon of violence’. She tells the outlet:

“That’s what the third movie ultimately is, a very powerful examination of violence…It comes at it from a slightly different way. You’ll like it…If you believe in me at all, I promise you what David Gordon Green has come up with as a way to complete this trilogy is sensational.”

Indeed the draw of the film’s thematics and examination of violence she says could rub some of the audience the wrong way as it is designed to provoke. She tells The Illuminerdi:

“It’s going to make people very angry. It’s going to stimulate people. People are going to be agitated by it. And it is a beautiful way to end this trilogy. Now that’s all I kind of knew from David. Only recently have he and I started to talk a little bit post-Venice film festival a little bit about the movie, a couple of little tweaks that I’ve offered, but very little that you know, this man makes great movies. I just have to stay out of the way.”

Green has also confirmed to Collider that the disc release will include an additional scene that was cut and is now being put back in as an ‘extended ending’. Green says the reason for the cut is its covering territory that ‘Ends’ will be covering in more detail so the scene became superfluous.

“Halloween Kills” is now playing in theaters and on paid tiers of Peacock. “Halloween Ends” is currently slated for release on October 14th 2022.

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