“Halo” Has Biggest New Paramount+ Launch

“Halo” Has Biggest New Paramount+ Launch

by Sue Jones
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Hhalo Has Biggest New Paramount Launch

Paramount+ has announced that its just launched “Halo” TV series, based on the iconic Xbox gaming franchise, unsurprisingly had the streamer’s biggest series premiere to date.

According to reps for the service, the first-day launch topped the previous mark established by Yellowstone prequel “1883” in December. No numbers were provided as such though and Nielsen’s streaming rankings won’t be published for a week.

One complication is that the”1883″ series premiere also aired on the linear Paramount Network behind an episode of “Yellowstone” with that airing drawing 4.9 million viewers. “Halo” on the other hand is only available via the Paramount+ service.

The series, which has already been renewed for a second season, debuted March 24th and was originally developed at Showtime before migrating to Paramount+ a year ago.

Source: Yahoo

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