How to Heat or Cool the Interior of Your Metal Building


Are you looking at constructing a metal building on your property? Will your building be used as an office space, workshop, or some other purpose that will have you spending time in there? If so, then it’s important to consider how you will plan to cool and heat the interior of a metal building. Many people assume that controlling the temperature is a lot more difficult than it needs to be, so here’s a look at some simple ways you can go about making it a comfortable temperature all year-round.

Metal is Naturally Energy Efficient

One of the greatest things about metal right out of the gate is the fact it is naturally energy efficient. What that means is that it will cost you much less to heat and cool a metal building versus a wooden structure. If you were on the fence about whether to choose metal or wood, this is a huge advantage in favor of metal.

Include South-Facing Windows

Why not take advantage of a natural and free heat source – the sun. You can do this by installing a south-facing window. Just be sure to also install blackout curtains or shutters in order to help keep the building cool during the summer months.

Big Spaces Usually Require an HVAC System

In order to pick the right heating or cooling system for your metal building, you need to give thought to the size of it. If the building is quite large and is a commercial space for example, then you’re likely going to need to install an HVAC system. The great news is that if you do need to go this route, it’s relatively easy to install since the interior framing is exposed and you’re not dealing with finished walls and ceilings, a basement, etc.

When Space Heaters and Portable A/C Units Do the Trick

If the metal building is smaller in size and is meant to be your own personal garage, workshop, or office, then there’s a good chance that a simple and portable space heater and air conditioning unit will do the trick. What’s great about these choices is that you can move them around and direct where the air is blowing. Typically, one unit is enough, but you can always get two if you find it’s still not doing the trick.

When constructing your smaller metal building, you will want to keep heating and cooling in mind so that you are sure to provide ample electrical sockets to plug these units in. This may require the assistance of an electrician. You should also speak to your metal building provider and provide them with any specifications for electrical sockets.

Insulation Will Get You Better Results

Another tip to keep in mind is that you will want to add insulation to your metal building. This will help you better regulate the temperature without air loss to the exterior. As well, it helps to combat excess moisture from the walls/ceiling. In some cases, if the building is small and the climate isn’t too cold, insulation may be all you need. The typical amount of insulation you want to install is 4″ in the walls and 6″ in the ceiling.

With a Little Planning and Work, it Will Be Comfortable

By taking these steps, you are sure to regulate the temperature in your metal building and have it feel comfortable.

By Nina Mosely

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