“Hitman 3” Hits Steam & Gets Backlash

“Hitman 3” Hits Steam & Gets Backlash

by Sue Jones
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Hitman 3 Hits Steam Gets Backlash
IO Interactive

One year after its release on console and as an Epic Games Store exclusive, IO Interactive’s critically acclaimed “Hitman 3” has finally reached Steam whilst also simultaneously arriving on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

The Steam release though has been marred by controversy and a large backlash due to multiple factors, and users are review bombing the title on the service with reviews praising the game but slamming the release.

The problems are threefold. The first is the title is being released on Steam at full price, not at a discount as would be expected of what is a year old game. The title had in fact been discounted by 80% the other week on Epic.

Adding heavily to the issue is a confusing Steam page with at least six different versions available for purchase from a Standard Edition, to a Deluxe Edition, to four bundles – trilogy, trilogy premium add-ons, Seven Deadly Sins DLC bundle, and ‘Access Pass: HITMAN 2 Gold’ along with individual components.

The page doesn’t make clear that those who already own the previous two games on Steam need only buy the ‘Standard Edition’ to import the prior games’ levels into “Hitman 3”.

Finally, there’s the VR component which is reportedly suffering from various issues and so far has not scored much in the way of praise.

Things got so bad even the game’s Subreddit had to be temporarily closed earlier this week due to alleged “targeted harassment”. It marks the third subreddit closure talk of a game in recent times following “Halo: Infinite” and “Battlefield 2042”.

Source: NME

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