“Horizon: Forbidden West” Story Trailer

“Horizon: Forbidden West” Story Trailer

by Sue Jones
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Horizon Forbidden West Story Trailer
Sony Interactive Ent.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has premiered the three-minute story trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming PS exclusive “Horizon: Forbidden West” from Guerrilla Games.

The sequel to the acclaimed “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” the title is still on track for its February 18th release and sees players slip back into the role of Aloy as she’s helped by allies like Varl, Erend, Zo, Alva, and Kotallo.

On her journey west, she has to deal with Regalla and her rebels who have somehow managed to tame a slew of dangerous machines. There’s also the question of Tilda, a woman with a connection to the past and whose goals remain a mystery.

“Horizon: Forbidden West” will come to both PS4 and PS5.

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