How do you run electrical wire through a wall?


Before you consider running an electrical wire through a wall you need to remember that electricity is dangerous. There are approximately 20 deaths every year from electrocution, most of which can be avoided with the right safety precautions.

That’s why, before you do any electrical work, you should ensure the power is switched off. Ideally, you should also contact a reputable electrician Sydney to do the work for you. At the least, they should check your handiwork before you start using your new electrical wire.

The obvious method of running an electrical wire through a wall is to cut a large hole in it and then place the cable in before repairing the wall. This is an expensive, time consuming, and messy option, especially when there is an easy way.


Get Your Tools

You’ll need a flex drill bit, some glow rods, a hook, an eyelet, and your cable. The flexible drill bit is perfect for drilling your way through joists in the wall without having to make a hole big enough for your drill to fit in. The glow rods make it easier to see what you’re doing as you’ll have limited visibility. Your eyelet and hook allow you to attach cable securely to them, giving you a guideline when pulling the electrical wire through.

Don’t forget that thinner glow rods are better for going around corners as they flex more. Ideally, you want a glow rod that is 8-10ft long, this should be enough to get right through your wall.
It’s also a good idea to have a stud finder.


Getting The Wire Into Position

The first thing you’ll need to do is outline the stud positions with your stud finder. You are not just interested in where a stud is, you need to map the entire section around where you want the cable to go. This will alert you to any other obstacles and allow you to plan the right path into your wall.
Once you’ve done this you’ll want to cut your end hole, this is where the cable needs to come out of the wall. This may be for a light switch or a socket.

With this done you can move into your lift space and work out where your stud wall is. You’ll need to measure several times to ensure you are in the right spot. Take your time with this part, if you get it wrong you’ll have a hole in the ceiling.

Once you’ve located it drill a hole through the loft flooring inside the stud wall. It should be big enough to easily see into the wall space. You can then insert your glow rod and your flex drill. The aim is to use the flex drill to go through the necessary joists and create a path to where the cable needs to go.
You can then thread the glow rod through the holes in the joists, their light will help you to see what you are doing and guide the glow rod to the exit home.

At this point, you can attach your electrical wire to the hook or eye on the glow rod. The glow rod can then be pulled gently through the exit hole, bringing the electrical cable with it.
All you’ll have to do then is add the socket/switch and connect the cable up.


By Jesse Huges

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