How to Attract an Aries Man – Finding Out What He Wants



Have you spotted a really special guy and you now need to know how to attract an Aries man? Is his sign virtually all you know about him, but the fact is that you don’t know what an Aries man wants from a woman? Do you have a feeling an Aries man could be more of a challenge and you’re not sure you’re really up to it?

Attracting an Aries man can be a little easier if you know what you’re getting yourself into. After all, he’s a man who wants a romantic relationship with a woman just like every other man. Here are a few tips that will help you catch his eye then capture his heart.

Lovely Lady

If there’s one thing an Aries man loves is a woman who is all woman. This is the time to pull out your girly girl and be as feminine as can be. Pull out the frills, lace and satin. Keeping your look soft is key. Long flowing hair is a bonus, but if your hair is short, make sure you keep it relaxed and sensual as opposed to hard and severe.

Beware Antagonist

Some women love fun banter, heated debates and even intelligent disagreements, but watch out if you’re tempted to bring this on your date with an Aries men. Often quick to fly off the handle, that fun banter or heated debate can quickly flare up into something unpleasant. Keep it cool and fun if you want to attract that Aries man.

If something serious does come up that bothers you, choose your approach and words very carefully. You don’t want to rile him up or confuse the matter more by exaggerating a situation or blowing everything out of proportion. State your case in a calm and concise manner and work to keep your voice down so as not to exacerbate the situation.

Are You Too Sensitive?

Women who don’t like to be told the blatant and sometimes painful truth may have a hard time winning an Aries man. This is simply due to the fact that an Aries man way of speaking his minds often injures the feelings of the woman who can’t take the honesty. Steel yourself and take it in stride if he honors you with his honesty.

This can simply turn out to be a personality trait that takes some getting used to. If you can get through the first few unflattering remarks, you’ll come to see it’s all well intentioned and will take it all in stride.

Fun and Intense

Aries rarely hang out in that grey zone or middle ground. They’re either fast asleep or out on the go. Life is an intense adventure with so many things to do and discover, and you should be prepared to get on board or be left far behind.

Let loose and be willing to let your hair down and have wild fun, or tie your hair back and be ready to get down and dirty. Either way, you’re in for a fun ride… if you can keep up.

Flattery Wins

While you can’t accuse an Aries man of being vain, they do enjoy being complimented and flattered. Notice when he does something special and make a point of letting him know you appreciate it.

Now go out and attract that Aries man.



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