How to Draw a Helicopter



Helicopter is a flying machine that has rotating blades to give it the requisite thrust, enabling it to take off and land vertically. It also has a rotor fan to provide stability to the aircraft. A helicopter is equipped to move in all directions in addition to being stationary at a particular point, making it perfect for use in congested areas and for surveillance & rescue operations requiring hovering around in one place.

Required Art Tools:
1. Pencil
2. Paper / canvas
3. Colors (optional)
4. Paint brush (optional)
5. Ruler

Drawing a Helicopter: We are drawing a commercial helicopter facing left.

• Basic Structure
– Cabin / Fuselage: Draw a square. On the left side of it, form a right angle triangle.
– Tail: Extend a double, slanting line from the right center of the square.
– Tail Fin: Towards the end of the tail, sketch two inclined lines above and below it. Join the ends with a horizontal.
– Tail Rotor: Form a thin and long rectangular blade on the tail fin.
– Blade Axis: On top of the cabin, form a small and thin rectangle. Sketch a small circle, approximately three centimeters in diameter on the rectangular axis.
– Blades: Form two or four blades extending out of the circular base, sketched for the blades axis.
– Landing Floats or Wheels: Give the helicopter its landing base. Form two horizontally parallel lines below the cabin. Attach these to the base of the cabin using two vertical but slightly angled extensions each. Double up all these lines. Floats also enable a helicopter to land in water. In case you want to form wheels, sketch two in the front and one large at the rear.
– Windows and Doors: Sketch a large rectangular windscreen and a small side window. Give the helicopter a large square door for easy access.
Erase all guiding lines and sketch out a fair outline.

• Enhancements and Shading
– Color: Choose from a spectrum of colors for the helicopter. Ensure to use a contrast color around the tail portion of the helicopter.
– Cabin / Fuselage: Sketch a close double line around the windscreen and windows. Color it in black to give it dimension and a realistic appeal.
– Tail: Personalize your helicopter by giving it some unique symbols and markings.
– Blades: Shade the blades in a manner to exude a feeling of circular motion. A little spray effect around the end of the blades or a darker shade towards the inner side of the blades can help achieve the perfect look.



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