How to Get a Girl to Like You – How to Instantly Spark Her Interest



So there is this girl you really like, but you don’t know how to get a girl to like you. ANY GIRL, for that matter! If your life depended on it you couldn’t figure it out. But yet you really want this particular girl. You come across her a lot, but every time you’re around her your throat seems to tighten up and you can barely speak. You try to come up with something to say or do to make her turn her head or give you that second look, yet you don’t know how to get that girl to like you.

Or maybe you’re one of those guys who has the feeling as if ALL girls have turned against you. No matter what you do they don’t seem to notice you. You’re invisible to them. It’s a tough situation to be in. Perhaps you feel clueless and most of all stuck, because you aren’t getting what you want.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to turn this situation around and get a girl to like you.

To figure out how to get a girl to like you first must understand what exactly sparks attraction in women. What she likes in a guy and what appeals to her. Basically you must understand why a girl shows interest in one guy and seems untouched by another. What’s the difference between both guys? That said to get a girl to like you you must understand what your dream girl wants and give that to her.

Now this doesn’t mean you should shower her with compliments and gifts or be overly nice to her. This attitude won’t make a girl like you, but will backfire instead. And it’s certainly not what women want. So what do women want? Women want a lot of things, but overly they will only want to get to know you if their first impression of you is good. A few certain things must be in perfect order if you EVER want to get a girl to like you.

– Body language

Before you even exchange a word with her, your body language and how you carry yourself, is the first thing a girl will notice about you.

Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and all of a sudden all eyes seemed to turn on that person? These people have an “air” about them, it’s almost magnetic. This is also the kind of impact you will want to make on a girl. You must carry yourself in a way that makes an impression on her in order to get a girl to like you.

– Your appearance

You don’t have to be handsome, but you have to take great care of yourself. Be well groomed, get a nice hairstyle, dress nice, smell nice, get yourself cleaned up, shave yourself. Try to look attractive in every possible way.

– First interaction

If you ever want to get a girl to like you the first interaction between you two is going to make it or break it. Lets say you’ve got her attention. She seems interested and she notices you coming her way, what is your first interaction going to be? What are you going to say? Personally I don’t like guys who are too expressive about how they feel about me if I don’t know them very well yet. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Most women need time to get to know a person, adapt themselves and you should keep that in mind. Try not to sound like you’re trying to hit on her. Be a little mysterious, not too available. A great opener in that case would be a female opinion. Ask her opinion on something about women perhaps. It’s a perfect opener because it doesn’t scream: I’m trying to get you to sleep with me.

– Personality

Next, your personality. While men are primarily attracted to a woman’s looks, a woman on the other hand finds a man attractive because of his personality. Women like the way men make them FEEL when they interact with them. You’ve got to develop a magnetic personality. You have to be teasing, playful, flirty, fun, confident and even a little edgy.

If her overall, first impression of you is great she will be likely more open to interacting with you.

While I couldn’t get into all the details here about how to maintain confident body language and how to go about teasing a woman, I must point out a great impression alone is not enough. While it will spark her interest, to really get a girl to like you you need more. Every interacting moment with her must be one that draws her in more and more into you and it’s easy to blow it if you don’t know what you’re doing.



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