How to Get a Girl to Like You If You're a Hopeless Nerd

by Sue Jones
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It is said that nerds do not get girls as they are nerds. But I think the word "nerd" does not make one ugly or stupid. It's just they are different and difference is okay.

Now if you are a nerd and willing to have a girlfriend, then the first question comes at your mind is how to get a girl to like you if you're a hopeless nerd. So here is something useful for you:

Know your reason:

Why do you want a girl? Do you really want to fall in a relationship or just trying to look cool to your friends? If it is justfor showing off, then forget about it. It will hurt you both. If you actually like her, then consider how far you can go for her.

Overcome nervousness:

You may feel nervous when talking to her. It is okay. You have not met tons of girls before, so it is normal to be nervous when she is around. So first of all, you have to overcome this nervousness. You can rehearse your speech in a mirror or with a friend at home to get some confidence.

Take a good look of yours:

Try to feel good about yourself. You are not ugly or nerdy. Consider that you're likable as you are, sometimes need some sprucing. Get clean yourself. You really do not think that a girl would like a filthy guy, do you? So wear some clean and fashionable clothes. Take care of your body. If you're a bit out of shape then do some exercises.

Act smart:

Do not forget you are intelligent and now it's time to show her that. Act smart, be funny and be a guy who knows to cope up with situation. Be confident while talking to her. It will attract her more. But do not be over confident like you know everything or you can not do anything wrong. Accept it if you are wrong and try to make it better.

Pay attention to her:

Do not avoid her by any mean. Girls hate that. Do not hurry; start with casual hi-hello talks. You need to know more about her. You can ask her what she likes to do, which movie she likes more. It will make things easier for you. Do not get angry if her interests do not match yours. It does not make any difference, even sometimes diversity is better for a relationship. But you must respect her interests and so is she.

Build up a friendship:

Try to build up a friendly relation with her. Girls do not just love a stranger. So first let her know you. Share your interests with her, hang out together. But do not spend your whole day with her as it looks clingy. You can be friends with some of her friends. It will help you to know more about her.

Flirt with her:

Since you are now friends, you are ready to flirt with her. It will keep you safe from friend zone. Do it lightly, otherwise she will think you weird. Give her compliment about her clothes or hair style. Girls really like compliments.

Keep good communication:

Ask her phone number. Call her sometime but not regularly. If she is regular in Facebook, text her in Facebook, comment on her posts. You can ask her out for coffee or movie sometime. It will help to understand each other better. Keep your conversation casual and fun; do not try stupid ideas to impress her. It can freak her out.

If you successfully follow these methods, you have a chance to have her boyfriend within a short time. However do not be in hurry, go slow. Over time, you will get to know that she has become soft to you too and you will get your chance to ask her finally. So this is how to get a girl to like you if you're a hopeless nerd.



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