How to Impress a Guy Who Isn’t Too Interested in Me – Here Is the Process You Need to Follow

Are you irritated and upset because he has been giving you the cold shoulder? Do you want to get your back at him and make him repent? Don’t give up on him. Here are some great ways you can impress him even if he has shown you that he is not interested in you.

Give him something to look at

Take a bold step and get a completely new look! Change your hairstyle, your style in dressing, your manner and even the circle of friends. Make him wonder if you really are the same girl. Once you know you are looking beautiful, make sure he gets an eyeful! Ignore him and give the other guys your attention.

Show him that you couldn’t care less

The more you see him looking at you like he can’t believe his eyes, the more you should show him that you don’t care about his opinion or the fact that he can’t take his eyes off you. Treat him like he is just some guy in the background. When you do meet his eyes, be polite and distant. He will start to regret ignoring you in the past.

Fill him with envy

Once you set out to prove that he was completely wrong not to be interested in you, stick to your guns and don’t relent too fast! Let him see other guys getting your attention. Be friendly and strive to become very popular with the male crowd. Once he sees them lapping up your favors he will turn green with envy.

Date guys who are his friends

The best way to impress him is to subtly show him how wrong he was in not being interested in you. If you go out with his friends and endeavor to make the dates a huge success, his friends are sure to sing your praises and make him realize that he had a completely wrong picture of you.

Pretend that you are now not interested

Don’t show him that you are still interested in him. If you run after him he will be flattered to think that he still has a hold over you. Instead pretend that you are self confident and totally in control of the whole situation. He will be impressed by you.

Have a blast with your friends

Knowing that he did not think much of you in the past, he will be shocked to find out that he did not know you at all and that you are a completely different kind of girl after all. Don’t let him see any signs of insecurity or neediness. Instead go out with your friends in a care free and happy manner so that he sees your strength of character. This will impress him no end.

Make it a point to impress others

If you make it a point to impress others, he too will be as attracted and impressed with the rest. You have got to prove that you are a girl who is worth knowing. Let him see your strengths rather than your weaknesses and before you know it he will long to know you better.



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