How To Make A Landscape Painting Impressive

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If you’re trying to make a living from landscape painting, you want to earn a good amount of money from your paintings. If you’re going to make a lot of money, your paintings need to stand out and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Paintings need to capture the viewers’ attention. The viewers will then become customers if they are impressed with what they see. But what does make a landscape painting impressive?


Many observant people will be impressed by how varied your landscape painting is. The more variation there is, the more tricks and techniques you’re showing off. It’s one thing to paint a field and blue sky, it’s another thing to paint an undisturbed forest scene with trees, plants, insects, animals, light and shadows… the list goes on! Having lots of variety means there’s a lot of different things to grab people’s attention and impress them. Variety draws people in and makes them spend more time appreciating the painting.


Professional artists have a great eye for detail. They will devote the same amount of attention to every single thing in their painting, no matter how big or small. Serious art collectors have the same eye for detail. If you go to the effort of recreating the tiniest of details, people will notice this and will respect you for it. Taking care to add extra details shows that you’re serious about capturing your landscape in its entirety, and that’s what people look for in landscape paintings.


Use colour to create a dazzling scene that will captivate people. Oil paints are the best for vivid colours because they have more pigments in them than acrylics. Colours can add a lot of depth, variety, vibrancy and detail to your landscape painting. Having lots of different colours can make your painting really eye-catching. What really impresses people is when they think paintings look lifelike. Using the right colours in the right places can help make your painting seem realistic.


Pick a landscape that really impresses you and chances are others will find it impressive too. The truth is that all landscapes have a chance at impressing people when they’re painted. Really good artists can take and landscape anywhere in the world and turn it into a captivating painting. If you find a landscape you find impressive and you’re really passionate about. Capture how impressive it is and how much you love it and you’re on to a winner.

Impress people with your painting

Use these tips and create a painting that will impress people. Catch their attention, draw them in and watch as they explore your painting, appreciating all the little quirks and nuances. The more time people spend appreciating a painting, the more likely they are to be impressed by it. Paintings are meant to be looked at, so go all the way and create one that people can’t help but looking at.



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