How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Painting Contractor Possible

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So you’ve been looking at painting your house, and have finally decided to take the plunge and hire someone to do it. The next step is choosing your contractor- and there are many things to consider when it comes time to do this.

When it comes to painters, not all trade contractors are created equal- and it makes sense to do some research and make sure that you’re getting the best service possible for your money. Remember- these are people you will be inviting into your home or business, so you want to make sure they’re trustworthy.

The following is a list of things you should always check before hiring a painter.

  • Do they have a BSA license? (Ask to see it, match it with his driver’s license). These days all painters carrying out work over $3300.00 GST inclusive are required to have a current Building Services Authority license/trade card. Having a BSA license at the very least guarantees the painter will have the required minimum knowledge/ experience in painting since his/ her credentials would have been checked by Master Painters, would be accountable to BSA and compelled to do the “right thing” by the client. In other words BSA license gives you peace of mind. Solair Property Care are an excellent example of a licensed painting contractor in Brisbane, license no. 76843
  • Are they a registered business? If not, that would spell: COWBOY. If someone has not bothered to register their business (unless they trade under their name) they are not serious about their business.
  • Do they have public liability insurance and Workcover? Any self-respecting tradesman would have insurance covering them for any unforeseen accidents and mishaps. An insurance cover gives added peace of mind to the householder/prospective client.

    Work cover covers staff in the event of an accident at the work place. Having work cover safeguards the householder/client from any lawsuits that may arise as a result of an accident while working at their premises

  • Do they use premium materials/paints? Using quality materials is part of performing a quality paint work. If the painter uses inferior materials that would not only result in a short-lived paint job but it also reflects the attitude of the painter- It shows they doe not care about providing a quality job but only in increasing their profit margin.
  • Do they use sub-contractors? Using sub-contractors is a sure recipe for disaster: the initial contractor/painter would have to make a profit, so he would offer the job to the sub-contractor at 70%-75% of the original value of the quote. So now we have a third person/s involved in the picture; it is quite likely the sub-contractor does not hold a BSA license, or he would be working for himself. They may or may not be good painters; if they were they’d have their own business and not rely on a contractor to supply them with work, the fact is that they are forced to carry out work at 70%-75% less than the value of the original quote. In order to make a profit, they’d need to ‘cut corners”. The result: the client loses.

    Some operators disguise themselves as “consultants” or “agents” or something similar; whatever the disguise, give them a wide birth. Why not deal with a real painter instead and get value for your money?

    The advice? Steer clear of “painters” that use sub-contractors.

  • Will they be personally involved in painting? The painter that is involved in the painting shows that he cares for the quality of the workmanship; besides if the boss is away, he can’t ensure the work is carried out according to his wishes and the promise he made to the client.
  • Do they have references? Having references is a clear sign of a tradesperson that cares about their business, customer satisfaction and they are competent at their craft.
  • Do they turn up on time? Turning up on time is one of the traits of a good tradesperson that cares about their client. Punctuality demonstrates consideration for the client; if one is considerate they will do the right thing as well.
  • Do they guarantee their work? If a painter is prepared to guarantee his/her work it indicates that they are confident about the quality of their work.
  • Do they help with colours? Helping with colours is a clear indication the painter has experience, confidence in his craft and caring enough to assist the client with colour selection; a good painter would not be pushing his/her choice of colour schemes, but rather offer advise on what the “IN” colours are, what colour would match a particular style of dwelling or what colour goes with another colour.

It is very important that you ask these questions before you hire your painter, to make sure that you’re getting the best possible service, and results that will stand the test of time.


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