How to Spot a Fake Oil Painting

Owning a genuine oil painting can be a good investment. It could grow in amount each year. Many people are trying to collect original masterpieces because of that. If you want to own one of the most precious and original oil paintings from the great painters then you must prepare yourself for the price and the whole owning process. Be aware that there are local artists that could fake the real ones and tell you they are genuine.

To be able to spot a fake oil painting, first you have to see details. The painter of the masterpiece you are trying to own must have a style that is already known by experts. Compare it with the other paintings done by the same painter. You could spot through the differences in clarity and precision. The masters in oil painting have signatures that could tell you whether you are buying a fake painting or not. Look for the original signatures of the artist or painter and compare it with what you are targeting to own. Look at the actual construction of each letter and stroke. Lots of painters also put signatures on the same spot on their paintings. That could also be one of your clues.

Spotting a fake painting could also be done by trying to check the material of the painting you are buying. If it is original you will notice that the canvas and the oil paint are naturally old. Smell it and try to check if they have authenticated proofs. Investing your money for paintings could be hard because of the presence of fake paintings but you are guided by these tips to get the original.



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