How to Tattoo For Beginners


If you decide you want to become an tattoo artist. it is more than just ordering a tattoo kit through a tattoo magazine, or website. or even your friends allowing you to start experimental tattoos on them! The art of tattooing, is an ancient art form, with a set of rules that must be understood fully if you are going to succeed as an tattoo artist.

If you fail to understand and respect these rules, this will not only result in a botched up piece of art work, but the results can often lead to the transmission of deadly diseases, followed by lawsuits, that could invariably run into millions of dollars. Remember, you do not want to have a bad reputation as a ‘scratcher’ when you first start out!

It takes a great deal of time, effort, and money to become a tattoo artist. However, it does help if you have some training in art, or you are good at drawing. This enables you to have an understanding of form and color technology. The positive side is that, tattooing is an art that can be learned without formal training, and contrary to popular opinion, there are still a few tattooing artists out there who are willing to take on an apprentice, and teach an eager student how to become a tattoo artist.

Training can last from a few months, to a few years, depending on the ability of the student. As with all forms of art training, you have to be able to understand about form and color, shading, line drawing etc. By mastering these principles, you will surely succeed.

There are also a number of self training DVD’s now available through the internet, on the subject of ‘how to become a tattoo artist’. Further information about tattooing, and learning to tattoo is now available below.


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