How to Throw an Awesome Sock Hop Party

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A sock hop is basically a 50’s tribute party with some times classic dance moves (if you know the steps). Its at one of these events that shady “cool” guys, shy and charming girls named Betty Sue, and flame streaked hot rods come crawling out of the woodwork. To say its a blast is an understatement.

If you’re planning on throwing one of these events, start with the music. Plenty of sites on the net where you can download classic tunes, or you can grab some CD’s from your local library. Keep the music lively, which most music from this era already is.

No sock hop would be complete without your interesting mix of characters, so the right role for you, as well as costume is important.

The conservative girl’s look

You can take the innocent 50’s high school girl look for starters. A simple poodle skirt will do, just make sure that it doesn’t show too much knee – scandalous! Poodle skirts generally have an insignia or patch sewn on (like a poodle), but even a plain skirt that widens at the bottom will do.

A simple mono-color sweater works perfectly for the top to get the right look. Put your hair up into a high standing pony tail, tie a ribbon around it, and sport some fancy looking saddle shoes and you’re ready to go! saddle shoes are actually pretty cheap and can be found at most shopping stores, or even online.

The little devil girl’s look

If you’ve got a knack for the more daring, take the above concept and make a few modifications. Substitute a sweater for a buttoned up blouse, but leave a few top buttons loose. For real authenticity, try out the bouffant hairstyle, and watch as the guys line up to show you there, um, hot rods.

The conservative guy’s look

Blue jeans are the standard, and unless you find yourself the last one still doing atomic fallout drills in your high school, you should have a pair. A letter sweater is the most authentic look, but you can use any simple colored, long sleeve shirt to get the right effect. Comb your hair back, sport some classic frames, and fidget with your hands a lot as you prepare yourself to ask Betty Sue to go steady with you.

The total greaser look

Look, we know you’re a stud. You’ve got the sweet cruise mobile to show that you aren’t afraid to compensate for other things that might be lacking. Your soft heart of course!

Get some pomade and go to town. Comb your hair back and leave a few strands dangling between your glasses. Glasses? what?! not for this greaser because you aren’t square….four eyes!

If you do wear glasses, only a cat like this would be seen with shades. Stick with the bluejeans, but you’ll be cooler than those other preps, because you’ll be wearing either a white t-shirt, with a pack of cigs rolled up in your sleeve of choice, or the classic black leather jacket.

Just leave the switch blade at home, and don’t stay out too late with your dad’s car.

The roller girl look

Grab yourself a tray and start fastening some plates and cool looking plastic diner glasses to it. Sport a little paper diner hat, a short skirt for the lookers, and if you’re really courageous, a nice set of roller skates. Just make sure that you actually know how to skate first.


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