How to Watercolor Paint – Get the Basics



Some people think that watercolor painting is one of the most difficult painting techniques to learn and master. However, like anything else, if you have the right tools and know the proper techniques, it becomes easier. First let's go over what you will need to get started.

You are going to need:

– Paint
– Paper
– Water
– Brushes
– Creativity

However, the most important thing you need is to know about watercolor painting techniques. The paint, paper, water and brushes are easy to obtain. The techniques you will have to learn and practice. So let's get started.

The first and most basic technique is flat wash. For this technique you'll need to wet the paper, and then apply the paint in horizontal bands which slightly overlap. When you're finished just let the wash dry, it will even own out. The graded wash is a variation of this technique. For this technique, dilute the paint slightly with water for each horizontal band. The results will be bands that fade from dark to light.

Glazing is another technique that is similar to a wash. This technique uses a thinner, transparent paint that is applied over the dry wash. Just make sure that each layer is dry before applying the next layer.

The technique of wet in wet is basically the process of putting paint on wet paper. This results in soft, undefined shapes and marks, depending on how much water is on the paper. These soft shapes and marks are perfect for backgrounds.

The opposite of the wet in wet technique is the dry brush. In this technique you load the brush with paint and very little water, then drag the brush across completely dry paper. This forms crisp, hard edged shapes and marks, making this technique perfect to apply to your center of interest.

After it's dry, most watercolor paints can be dissolved and lifted. This brings us to the technique of "lifting off". This is very simple to do. Just wet the area you want to remove with clean water and a brush, then blot away with a paper towel.

The last technique is dropping the color. This is the process of simply dropping paint on a wet area and letting it bleed, feather and blend on its own. So, get the right tools, master these watercolor painting techniques and you'll be amazing you friends with your new found talent.



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