Hyderabad Skyline Is on the Rise!

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Hyderabad is reaching out to the skies! The city which has been recently awarded the best place to live in India is now looking towards its high rise buildings to give people a glimpse of the sprawling piece of real estate around them.

The living quality in Hyderabad has grown by leaps and bounds and is not bound by the drama that surrounds the political scenario in the state. The city's skyscape is always on the rise and experts associate it largely to the migrant population in the city. Local Hyderabadis have always preferred an old-fashioned independent house over a high rise apartment. But times are changing, the property market in
Hyderabad is booming and perhaps the natives to the locality are also moving in sync with the times.

More the city grows vertically; the more property becomes elite and comparably affordable; housing more feet in the same square feet of real estate. Also, skyscrapers often are more posh than smaller communities. With the bulk of the population being IT professionals it is increasingly tough to entice them with a regular apartment. Penthouses, open terrace gardens, French windowed balconies and sit-outs from the master bedroom are as lucrative as they sound and manage to sell apartments in Hyderabad like hot cakes!

Prominent developers in the city are increasingly opting for taller towers and it is a good thing in a place where people trust a known face more than a completely unknown quantity. The city's cosmopolitan lifestyle also goes hand in hand with this new outlook of Hyderabad. Hitec City, Gachibowli are the new hotspots for skyscrapers that reach never seen before heights in the city's skyline.

Other cities have also caught up with the concept of high rise structures but generally the top floors are the ones to be taken at the very end. However, in Hyderabad, the affluent ones prefer the top storey which is a very encouraging sign for the developers to go as high as possible. With no FAR or FSI concept in the city, developers are having a walk in the park till now. The other regulations in place control the road width and building type which does ever control the location of skyscrapers so there is no real safety threat as such.

With consumers ready to pay the premium for the higher floors, it is only a matter of time before all developers follow the same trend. The experts who follow trends predict that it is not far off before Hyderabad becomes the land of skyscrapers. If you are planning to invest in Apartments in Hyderabad , it would be best to opt for a high-rise building and go for the highest floor with the best view available since since it could dictate the resale value very few years down the line!

Localities to look out for apartments in skyscrapers are Hitec City, Kavadiguda, Nallagandla and Kukkatpally along with Gachibowli. Price premiums for higher floors range from Rs. 50 per sq feet to more than Rs. 500 in luxury projects. Make smart decisions during your next purchase; soar higher for higher returns!



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