Indian Exclusive Traditional Kurtis

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Indian Kurtis is all time favorite for most of the women. They are comfortable and look elegant.  Indian Kurtis are available in various patterns. They are easy to wear. With the latest trend coming on the market for various designer Kurtis, they come in various pleasing designs which include Designer Kurtis, Salwar Kameez and Churidar. On casual occasions,formal meetings, and family gathering as well as weddings, Kurtis are the most selected option chosen by the ladies and young girls. While designing Kurtis various factors are kept in mind which includes fabrics, designs, latest trends, and colors.

StyleCaret is a platform which provides various options for Kurtis. Various categories include Cotton Kurtis, Rayon Kurtis,Festival Kurtis, Casual Kurtis, and Office Kurtis. These Kurtis are available in various different shades of colors. Based on stitching, look, style, type,size, work, fabric, and material, buyers have the option to select and categorize the Kurtis. You can select these Kurtis based on various price ranges and as per your budget. It provides an exclusive range of Kurtis for buyers. These Kurtis are available in various patterns. A wide range of Kurtis is stitched based on latest trends in the market. It also provides plus size Kurtis. If you are searching for any particular occasion related Kurti wear, then you are at the right place.

There is plenty of variety when it comes to design and patterns. With the different price range depending on what occasion you are going for, it has got a wide range of collection in its store.

Cultural Importance of Kurtis

Since long ages, Indian Kurtis have been a traditional wear for both men and women. In various countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka both men and women wear Kurtis.  It is a regular attire for women, which can be seen on most of the occasion. In India,depending on the different states, we get to see the attire of women. For different states and regions, we see various different types of fabrications,designs, material and styles of Kurtis.

Kurtis is very comfortable to carry and is liked by most of the women to wear. In the initial days, Kurtis was not so shimmery and came with simple designs. With time the design and pattern changed. Along with the Kurtis, you can wear different bottom wear which includes fitted Churidar or Salwar which gives a traditional look. You can also wear jeans beneath the Kurtis which gives an Indo western look.

As time changed, the style of Kurtis also changed. New patterns and designs have overloaded market, attracting new generations as well as older generation too.

Designs and Patterns available in Indian Kurtis

Depending on the type of body structure, you can style with various types of Kurtis available in the market. You can find various patterns and designs which are exclusive and worth the price range. Patterns include long Kurtis, Straight Kurtis, Kaftans, Contemporary, Shirt Style, Traditional, and Flared Kurtis. Kurtis has different work printed on it such as Embroidered,Blended, Chikandari, Stone Work, Heavy work, and Mirror Work. Based on the different materials such as Silk, Cotton, Georgette, Chiffon, Rayon, Crepe, and Chanderi, a buyer has an ample number of options to select from.

All the Kurtis are available keeping in mind different occasion you need them. Be it Party wear, Festival, Casual or office wear, Wedding or Bridal wear, it offers all kinds of Kurtis in its collection. It provides Kurtis for all body types and all sizes.

Options such as pajamas, Patiala, and Palazzo are available in the market to wear along with Kurtis. You can choose from a wide range which one suits you best.

Things to carry with Kurtis

While wearing Kurtis, there are a few other things which you can carry with you.

1. Accessories

Depending on the occasion and the type of the Kurtis you are wearing, you can choose different accessories such as earrings, neck pieces, Bindis, bangles and much other stuff.

2. Dupatta

There area variety of dupattas which are available in the market. Crumbled dupattas, colorful dupattas, mirrored dupattas and much more. You can use contrast color combinations to match and pair with your Kurtis.

3.  Bottom wear

Different bottom wear is available with the type of Kurtis you can wear. You can wear leggings, palazzo, Patiala, or pajama depending on the type of Kurtis.

4. Sandals

Based on the type of Kurtis you are wearing, you can select the sandals accordingly. If you are wearing a traditional Kurti, you can select a Mojarito wear along with it. If it’s a formal Kurti, you can wear formal bellies. If you are wearing Palazzo, then you can wear high heels shoes or stilettos. So choose your footwear as per your Kurti you are wearing.

Importance of Kurtis Globally

Not only in India, but Indian Kurtis have become popular world-wide countries like US,UK, France, Middle East, Italy, and much more. As Kurtis are very comfortable and elegant wear carried by young generation to older generation, it has become one of the prominent clothing wear. There is the collection of Kurtis based seasons as well. For the summer season, there are exclusive cotton Kurtis which comes in different pattern and style. In winters, you can wear thick material fabric. There are also patterns in the work done on the Kurtis which include zari work, Stonework, Collar neck, and die work.

StyleCaret provides a variety of Kurtis which can be ordered and purchased globally. With a wide range of Kurtis available in the different price range, it is easy to find a huge collection in a single place. From designer Kurtis which are exclusive to find to simple office wear Kurtis, you can find all the collection at online stores. It is all about belief, culture, and tradition which drive the authentic custom of Kurtis ahead. The Kurtis look lovely and elegant whatsoever the pattern and design are on every woman that wears it. So grab your Kurti and look elegant and lovely.

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