Intel confirms CES 2022 press conference time, here’s what to expect

Intel confirms CES 2022 press conference time, here’s what to expect

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Something to look forward to: CES is just one month away, and we now know when Intel will be revealing details of its upcoming hardware: January 4. We can expect to hear about the new Alder Lake notebook chips, Arc Alchemist, and much more.

Intel’s press conference, which will take place at Mandalay Bay, starts at 10 am PST. We’re expecting plenty of info about the company’s new laptop CPUs—Alder Lake-P and Alder Lake-M—as well as details about the non-K Alder Lake-S desktop chips, such as the i9-12900, i5-12600, i5-12500, and i5-12400 seen in the photo below (from Chinese insider DDAA117).

2021 11 28 Image

Additionally, we can expect news about some of the more mainstream 600-series chipsets. But most of the time could be spent talking about Arc Alchemist—might we discover if the flagship GPU really is as disappointing as some leaks suggest?

2021 08 19 Image 12

It had been claimed that AMD would have an official CES 2022 press conference on the same day as Intel’s, but CES has confirmed this isn’t the case. However, there are rumors that team red does have something planned for early next year, possibly a separate virtual press conference on January 4, which will likely focus on the company’s new Rembrandt CPU/APU line set to appear in the next generation of thin and powerful laptops. Both the Ryzen 6000H and Ryzen 6000U chips are expected to be revealed, with the former said to be based on the 6nm process node and feature Zen3+ technology, RDNA 2 graphics, a TDP of 35-45W, and a maximum of 8 cores/16 threads.

We’re also waiting for AMD to show off its lower-tier cards such as the Radeon RX 6500 XT or perhaps a refresh of some Radeon 6000 products. Don’t be surprised to hear more about Zen 3D V-Cache Vermeer-X CPUs at some point soon, too.

2021 10 12 Image 31

Nvidia, meanwhile, hasn’t announced the date or time of its CES 2022 show. If it does have one, or a separate press conference of its own, laptop GPUs will doubtlessly play a big part, and we’re hoping to hear about a range of new and refreshed desktop cards: the RTX 2060 12GB, RTX 3090Ti 24GB, 3080 12GB, 3070Ti 16GB, and more.

Intel’s press conference will be live-streamed, so make sure to tune in next month.

Update: The article originally claimed AMD would be holding an official CES 2022 press conference on the same day as Intel. This was incorrect and it has been updated.

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