Intel looks past Alder Lake, says faster processors on the horizon

Intel looks past Alder Lake, says faster processors on the horizon

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Forward-looking: With the Alder Lake release right around the corner, Pat Gelsinger is already busy charting Intel’s next course. The Intel CEO has made several statements regarding the company’s direction following the 12th generation processor’s launch. According to Gelsinger, Intel will embark on a journey to outpace one of the most popular technological observations of our time.

Pat Gelsinger may be a lot of things, but shy isn’t one of them. In an interview with CRN, the blue-team leader pulled no punches, proclaiming Intel’s dominance and asserting that Alder Lake & future technologies will mark the end of AMD’s current desktop and mobile market dominance. Earlier this week, he doubled down on his stance by predicting Intel will keep pace with, and even overtake, the rate of advancement described by Moore’s Law.

The Intel CEO’s claim is no small feat to accomplish. Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, is credited with creating the Moore’s Law observation, which refers to the doubling of components on an integrated circuit. Moore initially predicted a doubling year over year but later revised his prediction to a doubling every two years. Based on the law and Gelsinger’s statements, Intel will be setting nothing short of a breakneck pace for innovation in the coming years.

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A goal that ambitious requires corporate support, massive funding, and advanced access to resources to succeed. Fortunately for Gelsinger, Intel is positioned well to take on such an immense challenge. The introduction of new architectures, development of enhanced ultraviolet lithography techniques, and the ability to control their own fabrication operations give the company an advantage over the competition. Intel’s extremely deep pockets don’t hurt their chances, either.

Gelsinger said he expects Intel will be “…comfortably ahead of anybody else in the industry” based on their current roadmap and distinct corporate position. While he doesn’t foresee a lack of competition, he does believe the company’s in-house fabrication will provide an advantage over competitors like AMD and Apple, both of which rely on third parties (such as TSMC) for their silicon production.

With Alder Lake right around the corner and an ambitious roadmap, Intel has made it abundantly clear that they’re taking the fight back to AMD and other CPU manufacturers. While it’s too soon to say whether they’ll succeed or fail, one thing is for certain – the company is making strong moves and bold statements to reassert themselves as the go-to in the gaming, workstation, and server computing spaces.

Image credit: 12th generation Intel CPU and Pat Gelsinger by Intel

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