Jabra will start selling hearing enhancement earbuds later this month


In context: Companies like Bose, Olive, Bragi, and Nuheara have announced True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds to help individuals with hearing issues. Now, it’s time for Jabra to join the ranks with the new Enhance Plus, a set of 3-in-1 TWS earbuds with a charging case and hearing aid capabilities.

Jabra announced the Enhance Plus earbuds some time ago, but they won’t arrive until February 25. The earbuds have already cleared the 510(k) standard from the FDA, which ensures that the product is as safe and effective as a legally marketed product already available in the US.

Thanks to its compact design, the Enhance Plus are about 40 percent smaller than the Jabra Elite 7 Pro, which are amongst the smallest true wireless earbuds currently available. Compared to the SoundControl buds, Bose’s hearing aid solution, it’s clear which one is the smaller option.

The manufacturer claims its new earbuds can help people with mild to moderate hearing loss by bridging the average six-year gap between noticing hearing loss and seeking medical advice. Besides improving how you hear those around you, these earbuds also help you to better listen to others during calls and to music.

Jabra paid particular attention to user customization when it designed the Enhance Plus. Users can choose between three speech filters and three listening modes based on their needs. In addition, the earbuds’ noise-cancelling technology uses four microphones to reduce background noise and audio call quality.

According to the manufacturer, these earbuds offer about 10 hours of battery life and feature two additional charges in the included charging case. As for dust and liquid resistance, they are rated at IP52, which should be enough for most common users.

As of now, there are over 50 million American adults with different levels of untreated hearing loss, making it one of the most untreated health conditions in the US. With the increasing need for hearing aid devices, the FDA has presented a draft to introduce a new Over-The-Counter (OTC) product category to broaden access and offer cheaper solutions.

“GN welcomes the intention of increasing awareness and treatment of hearing loss to improving people’s quality of life through the power of sound. With Jabra Enhance Plus, more people will have a solution that has been specifically tailored to their needs and lifestyle,” said Gitte Aabo, CEO of GN Hearing.

“When the new OTC regulation comes into effect, we look forward to be there to help people with solutions that provide better situational hearing as well as music and calls in modern and stylish designs,” said René Svendsen-Tune, Jabra’s CEO.

The Jabra Enhance Plus are only compatible with iPhones and will be available at select hearing care clinics in the US starting February 25 for $799. Jabra plans to launch the Enhance Plus in other markets as local regulations are implemented.

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