Lanmodo Has Achieved Success in the Development of Night Driving Safety Technology


There is a higher risk of getting injured or killed in a car accident that happens during the night than during the day. In fact, most accidents happen between the close of day and dawn and people are 3 times more likely to die in unfortunate events that occur during these times. People do not stop traveling even at night, doing business, making short trips to complete an errand, meeting with friends or coming home from work.

Several factors contribute to a higher risk of fatalities during night driving. One of the most common is the person’s decreased ability to see clearly in the absence of natural light. The street lights and bright headlights become partially useless and cause slower response time and inability to notice road signs, pedestrians, objects and certain hazards on the road. Another factor is the failure of drivers to judge the distance of oncoming vehicles, also because of the lack of natural light.

Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System

This is an innovative product that you should consider buying, to increase your safety while driving at night. The Lanmodo Vast offers a 1080p full HD resolution. The full colour image gives you better visual effects. The screen size 8.2” is nice and wouldn’t hurt your eyes, while the high definition wide-angle vision 36 deg, allows you to see a view of the road, with ample distance from side to side. This device also provides you the condition of the road ahead, before it is seen by your headlight, with an extended night vision distance of 300m. Also included in the Lanmodo Vast is a rearview camera, 720p HD image that is able to clearly catch the back view.

Comparing Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System With the Built-in Night Vision System

The image provided by Lanmodo is in full colour, compared to the built-in system, which is black and white. It also has a wider vision angle at 36deg vs 18deg/30deg for built-in. An active infrared type NVS, Lanmodo is applicable to almost all car models as opposed to passive systems, which are built-in only on specific makes and models of cars. You can install the night vision system to your vehicle easily by yourself and you need not take it to a motor shop for installation. Most of all, you can save about $2,000, when you opt to buy the Lanmodo NVS, which costs only from $499 to $599. The built-in NVS is priced at $2,500 or more.

Why the Car Night Vision System is Necessary?

The proper use of a car night vision system is necessary because an alert driver can effectively prevent being in an accident while navigating the road in the dark, the rain and snow.

It will definitely benefit all drivers, particularly those people who work at night, such as ambulance drivers, the police and other professionals, who are assigned night duties. Even the senior drivers who really need to go out for special reasons will need to use the night vision system, to allow them to reach their destinations safely. Their range of vision gets increased when they drive on low beam headlights. The presence of pedestrians, animals and objects on the road are emphasized and the drivers are given time to react positively. This ability means safer travels for everyone.

Lanmodo Vast Pro is Set to be Launched

Driving at night is difficult for most drivers. Inadequate street lights, the high beam headlights of oncoming cars, decreased vision due to the absence of natural light, the inability of the driver to fully adjust to the dark. All of these and more add to the risks of motorists of meeting with accidents, being injured or even killed in night driving.

Lanmodo is an auto accessory innovator and its team is aware of the people’s need for safe driving.  After making a lot of research, it’s Research and Development team has developed a new product called the Vast Pro All-In-One Night Vision System. It is very advanced, compared to the dash cams that can only capture the situation during the day, but not at nighttime, when the light is low. Lanmodo vast pro night vision camera is equipped with nighttime parking monitoring, allowing the driver to record when the car is parked at night or poor light situation.

This advanced and original device is set to be launched in a short time, on Indiegogo, an American crowd-funding website. Early bird backers are offered 67% off the retail price of $599, so you can save more or less $400. Referring to previous campaigns, rewards can sell out quickly, so you better sign up now.

If you do not want to wait, you can get Lanmodo Vast now!

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