LA’s Cinerama Dome Could Re-Open?

Las Cinerama Dome Could Re Open
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Los Angeles’ historic Cinerama Dome, and the attached theater complex formerly known as ArcLight Hollywood, could re-open sometime down the track according to several sources for The Los Angeles Times.

The paper says there is no timetable for a potential reopening date as both the dome and the old Arclight are expected to undergo refurbishment. That process is still reportedly only in the planning stages. The famed geodesic concrete dome cinema opened in 1963 and has been dark since the early days of the pandemic in March 2020.

Just over a year later came word that owner Decurion Corporation was closing the dome for good. Since then Decurion has relinquished many of its Pacific Theatre and ArcLight locations including The Grove and The Americana which AMC Theaters took over.

However, they have maintained control of the Cinerama Dome, despite overtures from other theater circuits to obtain it. A public notice of an application to sell alcoholic beverages was reportedly posted outside the theater on Thursday under the name of one of Decurion’s holding companies.

Further investigation led them to find multiple permit applications lodged last month for catering, a portable bar, events and a ‘general eating place’. All are still pending.

Source: The Los Angeles Times

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