Laser Hair Comb For Women – Is It An Effective Female Hair Loss Treatment?



The use of laser hair comb for women through low level laser therapy makes the bold claim to help hair regrowth simply by combing your hair with the laser lights on. Costing between $ 300 to $ 500, laser combs are gaining in popularity as a female hair loss treatment option.

The main purpose of a laser comb is to stimulate the scalp. Because the scalp receives very little stimulation naturally, combing your hair with a laser comb will go a long way to correcting any loss of hair in women you might be suffering.

One should never forget, when trying to finding a way to turn one's hair thinning around, that there might be an under medical medical condition that is causing it. Although you may be stimulating your scalp, something medical is still not corrected unless you seek treatment from a physician.

A licensed physician who specializes in female hair loss treatment can run blood tests or skin biopsies to determine those underlying causes. There number of reasons why serious hair shedding is occurring, and if they are not addressed by laser comb therapy, the attempt to reverse a hair thinning condition can be futile.

A laser hair comb, depending on the amount of damage, may help in the case of traction alopecia. Perhaps you relied too much on corn rows and tight braiding for your favorite hairstyles. If you did, unfortunately, you put your problems with female hair thinning into motion. Called traction alopecia, this means you not only damaged the hair itself, but you seriously damaged the follicles. Your physician will be able to determine whether it would be useful.

Loose anagen syndrome is not categorized as a disease, but it is a serious form of hair thinning. This is a condition that becomes evident when you constantly find hair has come loose when you comb or brush your hair. The laser hair comb could help this condition, but you should find out why your hair is breaking and gathering in your comb.

If there is an underlying medical condition such as cancer that you may be unaware of, finding out what is causing your female hair loss could save your life. This is one of the best reasons to consult a physician rather than making assumptions about what is causing your condition.

These are only a few of the reasons to take female hair loss treatment, including the laser hair comb and other kinds of treatments, seriously. It is not simply a condition to be viewed cosmetically and taken lightly. Although we will not all have the beautiful hair we see in magazines, we should all have healthy hair.



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