Lord & Miller Set “Western” Comedy Series


Lord Miller Set Western Comedy Series

Hot off the success of “The Afterparty” on the Apple TV+ service, creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller are teaming with writer Michelle Morgan for the comedy series “Western” at IMDb TV.

The story is set in the 1800s and revolves around a high-society young woman who travels West in search of a husband, only to discover that she has been catfished by a teenage boy.

Now stranded, she and the town’s other inhabitants must find their place in the ever-changing new world where they confront and defy all expectations society has of them along the way.

Lord and Miller will executive produce with Morgan who will pen the script. A pilot order has been handed out for the series which is a co-production between Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios.

This marks the latest IMDb TV series joining “Primo,” “Leverage: Redemption,” “Alex Rider” and the upcoming “Bosch: Legacy”. Lord and Miller also have HBO Max’s “Clone High” revival on the way along with a slate of series based on Sony’s Marvel characters.

Source: THR

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