Malick’s “Voyage of Time” Coming To MUBI

Malick’s “Voyage of Time” Coming To MUBI

by Sue Jones
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Malicks Voyage Of Time Coming To Mubi
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More than five years after it was released in IMAX, Terrence Malick’s acclaimed documentary “Voyage of Time” is finally coming to streaming.

Malick crafted two versions of the film – a forty-minute IMAX version narrated by Pitt, and a feature-length version narrated by Cate Blanchett and titled “Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey”.

The shorter film hit IMAX and select theaters but never got a proper home release, the latter hasn’t screened outside of a short festival run.

Now, MUBI has acquired the exclusive streaming rights to the Pitt-version of the film and have announced they are set to release it this coming Friday, December 17th.

The streamer has also dropped a trailer to promote the 4K streaming release which you can see below.

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