“Manifest” Officially Saved By Netflix

“Manifest” Officially Saved By Netflix

by Sue Jones
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Manifest Officially Saved By Netflix

“Manifest” has officially been saved with Netflix ordering a super-sized fourth and final season of the mystery drama from Warner Bros. Television.

The order will consist of twenty episodes, making it the longest season of the series yet, and compressing the originally planned further three seasons into a nearly double-sized season that will likely be split into several parts.

The order comes after three seasons aired on NBC in May and then was canceled by the network. Warner Bros. tried shopping the show to no takers initially.

However the launch of the first two seasons on Netflix around the same time saw its popularity surge and, combined with an active fan campaign on social media, helped keep the show alive.

Eventually a deal was made, one which also includes season three of the series coming to Netflix as well.

Source: THR

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