“Mass Effect” Remaster Changes Detailed

“Mass Effect” Remaster Changes Detailed

by Sue Jones
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New And Remastered Mass Effect Games Coming

More details and a video breakdown have emerged of some of the changes in store for the upcoming “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition” – a remastering of the original trilogy with updated 4K visuals and various fixes.

The first game has seen the combat completely overhauled to provide far better accuracy and rebalanced abilities to be much more in line with the second and third games, while additional gameplay improvements have been made across the series.

The infamous M-35 Mako vehicle from the first one has been modified and now handles much more like a tank than the previously far too light original. The vehicle also has speed boost and faster shield recharging now.

There’s a unified launcher for all three games and a unified character creator allowing you to have the same Shepard appearance across all three games or vary it from title to title.

Hundreds of legacy bugs from the original releases are fixed, including improvements made to the Paragon-Renegade system (especially in the second game). There’s native controller and 21:9 display support on PC for all the games, with DirectX 11 compatibility.

It’s also confirmed that the Extended Cut ending of the third is now the game’s default finale. A breakdown of all the changes is up at EA.com, or you can check out the video below showcasing some of the differences to the graphics and gameplay in key select scenes:

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