M:I-7 Filming Gets Underway In Norway

M:I-7 Filming Gets Underway In Norway

by Sue Jones
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Mi 7 Filming Gets Underway In Norway

There was months of prep, months of delays, more weeks of prep, confusion over a Polish bridge, a bunch of rehearsals, and an untimely accident. Now, finally, it appears principal photography has officially kicked off again on the seventh “Mission: Impossible” feature in the UK.

The film’s director Christopher McQuarrie posted a photo celebrating the news with a shot from the set in Norway captioned ‘Day 1’. The project was originally slated to begin shooting in late February when production in Italy shut down due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with the shot, photos are up at The Daily Mail showing Cruise dressed in all-black rehearsing a fight with a stuntman atop a vintage-style train in the countryside of Norway. Cruise was seen running towards a helicopter as it took off into the sky in the scene.

Video is also out at that paper’s site of someone on a motorbike taking off on a ramp like this below and separating from the bike mid-air. “Mission: Impossible 7” will be released on November 19th 2021.

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