Microsoft’s Xbox remote play feature is now available on iOS and Android devices

Microsoft’s Xbox remote play feature is now available on iOS and Android devices

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In brief: If you’ve ever wished you could take your Xbox games with you on the go, Microsoft has your back today. Both major mobile device platforms, Android and iOS, just received the ability to run the new Xbox beta app, which lets you play full-fidelity console titles from virtually anywhere.

It’s completely free to access, so as long as you have a reasonably modern iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you’re in the clear. Xbox says the new Xbox beta app was “rewritten from the ground up” to help you stay connected to your games and your friends no matter where you are.

So, you could remotely stream a game to your smartphone and hop on Xbox Live voice chat with your friends while you kill time at a hotel, or anywhere else you can find a bit of peace and quiet (and access to a steady internet connection).

The new Xbox Beta app is now available for Android and iOS, keeping you connected to Xbox, wherever you are, featuring console remote play, remote game installs, chat, and more! Check it out!


— Harrison Hoffman (@harrisonhoffman) September 25, 2020

Of course, you’ll need to pair a Bluetooth-compatible controller to your smartphone or tablet for an optimal gaming experience, but you probably already have one anyway if you’re interested in this sort of function.

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Aside from the expansion of its remote play beta test, the new Xbox beta app features a unified notification inbox and the ability to share game clips and screenshots from your console on the go.

The iOS beta is currently full as of writing, but more slots will likely open up in the future, so stay tuned.

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