Modded Sega Dreamcast is actually an AMD-powered gaming PC

Modded Sega Dreamcast is actually an AMD-powered gaming PC

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Editor’s take: From an engineering perspective, it’s decent work for sure. Aesthetically, it’s more of what you’d describe as a 10 footer, meaning it looks good from a distance but when you get up close, you can certainly see the imperfections, especially with the paint job.

Last year, we profiled a project from a YouTuber that managed to stuff an AMD gaming PC inside of an old GameCube chassis. Now, Sega’s Dreamcast is getting its turn at bat.

A ComputerBase user by the name of Temujin 123 recently shared the steps taken to convert an old Dreamcast into an AMD-powered gaming rig.

The system is comprised of an AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 465G processor with Radeon graphics mated to an ASRock X300M-STX motherboard alongside 16GB of Crucial Ballistix RAM. As for storage, Temujin 123 went with a 960GB Corsair Force MP512 M.2 drive, a 1TB Samsung 970 EVO M.2 drive and a 120GB Samsung 830 SSD. There’s also a Matshita optical drive thrown in for good measure.

In watching the accompanying video, it’s clear that Temujin 123 went way too heavy on the spray paint as you can see it visibly running in several places. And the blue accents, I’m not sure what happened there.

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