New LG 4K Smart TVs get 6 free months of GeForce Now with their purchase

New LG 4K Smart TVs get 6 free months of GeForce Now with their purchase

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Why it matters: Nvidia’s GeForce Now app has shed its beta status on LG TVs, and the South Korean electronics maker is celebrating with a limited time promotion. From February 1 through March 20, anyone that buys an eligible LG 2021 4K Smart TV can claim a free six-month priority membership to Nvidia GeForce Now.

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service grants access to free-to-play games as well as titles you’ve already purchased from online stores like Steam and the Epic Games Store, and lets you play them across a range of devices including Chromebooks, Android and iOS handhelds and even televisions.

A six-month priority membership normally sells for $49.99, and affords up to 1080p quality at 60 frames per second. Nvidia also offers a high-end tier called RTX 3080 with up to 1440p at 120 FPS and longer session lengths.

With the GeForce Now app on your LG TV, all you’ll need to bring to the party to get up and running is a compatible controller.

The timing of the promotion likely isn’t a coincidence as Super Bowl season is just around the corner. Television makers historically put sets on sale this time of year to coincide with the big game, and this year will be no different, despite the fact that the game won’t be aired in 4K.

Super Bowl LVI is set to air live on NBC starting at 5:30 p.m. Central on February 13, and will see either the Bengals or the Chiefs take on the 49ers or the Rams for the game’s top prize.

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