New “Spider-Man” Gets $50M In Previews

New “Spider-Man” Gets $50M In Previews

by Sue Jones
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New Spider Man Gets 50M In Previews
Sony Pictures

Marvel films have been the only ones doing good box-office this year, but even by their standards the just-opened “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is proving an absolute monster.

Boasting good critical reviews and universal praise from audience reactions, the movie smashed records by pulling in a massive $50 million in Thursday night domestic previews alone.

Sony has been estimating a $150 million opening weekend and this number puts the film on track to not only meet that but likely exceed it.

The number is the third highest preview gross of all-time, the best since “Avengers: Endgame, better than “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” and triple that of the best preview night so far for a Spidey film – 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” with $15.4 million.

How the new and rapidly rising Omicron variant of COVID-19 may impact the overall box-office, especially overseas, isn’t clear at present as closures and restrictions are beginning to be enforced in various countries.

Sony is also having to deal with piracy as bootleg filmed copies of large sections of the highly anticipated film began popping up on YouTube. The studio is working fast to get the leaks booted off the platform.

Source: Variety

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