New Vertagear Gaming Chair Literally Sparkles With Swarovski Crystals


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If aesthetics are as important to you as comfort, then Vertagear’s latest gaming chair is likely aimed specifically at you. Especially if you’re looking for something that sparkles like no other.

The new Vertagear PL4500 retails for $600 and has been designed in collaboration with jewelry-maker Swarovski, adorning the chair with pockets of crystals to really show off. The design isn’t as flashy as you might expect–the crystals are exclusive to diamond shapes across the front of the chair as well as in the company’s logo at the top and on the back. From afar it seems somewhat difficult to see, especially if you aren’t shining a light directly onto the chair, but it’s the sort of luxury you’ll know is there when you’re sitting in it. You can check out close-up images of the PL4500 Swarovski chair below to see the crystal details.

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Do you need a chair with Swarovski crystals? Definitely not, but for just $100 more than popular competitors like the Razer Iskur, there’s a surprisingly sound value proposition to be made. Vertagear has been in the gaming chair game for a long time, too, so you can expect the same standard of quality that lines the rest of its range to seep into this latest product. This is $110 more than the regular PL4500 but comes with all the same features, including memory foam posture padding, customizable back and armrests, and great durability. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, which is great. The PL4500 Swarovski is available to purchase starting today.

Vertagear isn’t a stranger to fancy gaming chair options, with the company offering a $250 RBG lighting kit if you really need to take this bejeweled chair seriously over the top. For other great options that are less sparkly, check out our guide to the best gaming chairs on the market. And if you’re not in the market for a $600 chair, we have a bunch of budget gaming chair options that find that sweet spot between value and quality.

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