Tips For Supplementing Your In-Classroom Language Learning Endeavor


Although there are many websites and blogs that can help people from all over the world learn a new language, there are still benefits to be gained if you choose to sign up for a traditional, classroom-based language course. For one, you can enjoy the benefit of personally meeting and being in the same class as the teacher or tutor. You will also have physical communication with your classmates. Aside from being able to meet other people, your classmates can act as your support system as well – they will help you understand the lessons and give you some useful pointers, too. In addition, by being in a classroom when learning a new language, you can get immediate help or guidance from your teacher. You can immediately ask the teacher or instructor if you are pronouncing or using a particular word or phrase incorrectly.

Being in the actual presence of a teacher or tutor and your classmates will certainly help you master a new language in due time. However, you can still have a faster and easier time learning a new language by following these tips:

• If you have just started learning a new language, avoid watching foreign films since the actors usually speak very fast and use unfamiliar words. In addition, if you watch foreign films, you will tend to focus on reading subtitles rather than listening to the actors. In addition, try to avoid reading anything while listening to audio since you’ll be less focused on it.

• When learning a new language and practicing your reading skills, avoid translating every word read in a chapter or section since this is an ineffective method. Linguists say you should focus on context and understanding. Once you’ve read a section, you can translate new words. Also, it would work to your advantage if you read aloud. Create original sentences with the new words you’ve learned to improve comprehension. Keep in mind that people who focus solely on learning new words will usually struggle implementing them into original sentences.

• In terms of speaking, speaking aloud when practicing a foreign language is a must. Don’t be too self-conscious when practicing with classmates. The majority of people learning to speak a foreign language will always struggle with pronunciation. This is because it will take you time to become comfortable speaking a new language. As such, don’t be hard on yourself if you make mistakes. This is part of the learning process. Keep in mind that the most effective way to learn a new language is by speaking it. In addition, keep notes of the mistakes you make and don’t hesitate to speak when asked by the teacher or tutor because he or she will demonstrate how to correctly pronounce the words you speak or use incorrectly.

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