Nike unveils the Go FlyEase, its first truly hands-free shoe

Nike unveils the Go FlyEase, its first truly hands-free shoe

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Editor’s take: Nike’s original goal with the Go FlyEase was to better support adaptive athletes with disabilities but it quickly became apparent that the shoe was “really universal.” Now, it’s poised to compete directly with other well-known slip-on shoes like Crocs and serves as an alternative to other gimmicky hands-free solutions.

Nike on Monday introduced a radically different shoe that utilizes a unique design to make sliding them on and off a truly hands-free experience.

The Nike Go FlyEase employs a bi-stable hinge which, along with the FlyEase tensioner, allows the shoe to be stable in fully open and closed states. You quite literally slide your foot into it then step down to lock the rear half of the shoe in place. When it comes time to remove them, simply step on the heel using your opposite foot, step up then slide your foot out.

Flyease Loop Original

The shoes are part of Nike’s broader FlyEase family, which consists of more than 20 easy-entry footwear styles.

The Nike Go FlyEase shoes will be available to select Nike members starting February 15 with broader consumer availability coming later this year. Pricing wasn’t mentioned but according to CNBC, they’ll go for $120 a pair.

At that price, they’d be a bit more expensive than other slip-ons like Crocs, but they’re also targeting a different audience and arguably look far more stylish than the foam clogs.

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