Nokia reveals six new entry-level phones for 2021


Hopefully, at least one of the X series phones comes to Canada

Nokia is revamping its phone line into three distinct brands: the mid-range X-series, the step-down G-series and the low-end C-series.

So far, the company hasn’t revealed specific release dates, markets or Canadian pricing, but MobileSyrup has reached out to the company for more information.

The X-series consists of the X20 and the X10. The two smartphones are powered by Qualcomm’s new, relatively low-powered Snapdragon 480 chipset, so it will be interesting to see how snappy these devices are.

Both phones also feature a 6.67-inch full HD display and come with a compostable case in the box. Nokia says that the X-series will get three years of monthly security updates and two days of battery life.

Nokia X20 (left) and X10 (right).

What sets the X20 apart is its larger 32-megapixel front-facing camera and the 64-megapixel quad camera on the rear. The X10 only has a 48-megapixel quad-camera array.

The X20 costs around €349 (roughly $522 CAD), and the X10 is slated to cost €09 (roughly $462 CAD). HMD Global says that that the X20 is dealing this May, and the X10 will follow in June.

Nokia G20 (left) and G10 (right).

The G-series is a step down with only a triple rear camera array on both phones and a smaller 6.5-inch screen. The main draw that HMD is promising with this device is three days of battery life.

The G20 is slated to cost €159 (roughly $238 CAD) when it comes out in May. The G10 is coming out sooner than that in April for €139 (roughly $208 CAD).

The final two phones are called the C10 and C20. They also feature large 6.5-inch displays and run Android Go Edition, a lite version of the OS that’s meant for phones with less than 2GB of RAM. While these phones definitely have an audience, most people are usually better off spending a little extra on a device with better specs.

The C20 costs €89 (roughly $130 CAD), and the C10 is priced at €75 (roughly $112 CAD).

You can learn more about the phones on HMD Global’s full press release.

Source: HMD Global 

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