Nvidia enables DLSS in No Man’s Sky PC and VR versions

Nvidia enables DLSS in No Man’s Sky PC and VR versions

by Emily Smith
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The PC gaming developer adoption of Nvidia’s DLSS technology seems to be progressing at a healthy rate. An Nvidia blog post on Tuesday claimed that there were now 50 titles that now boast this “game-changing, performance-accelerating, AI and Tensor Core-powered GeForce RTX technology”.

For its headline Nvidia said that No Man’s Sky now supports DLSS, in addition to the technology being made available in a further eight new or updated PC titles. Furthermore, for the first time ever, DLSS is being brought to VR games. Again No Man’s Sky (VR) is listed as part of this update, which applied to a total of three titles.

The full list of regular PC and VR titles that are getting DLSS-ified in May is as follows:

  • AMID EVIL: Much loved retro shooter updates today, adding ray-traced effects and Nvidia DLSS, which amps up performance by 2.7X at 4K with ray tracing enabled.
  • Aron’s Adventure: Action-adventure RPG recently added Nvidia DLSS using our Unreal Engine 4 DLSS plugin, and players saw performance leap by up to 60% enabling every GeForce RTX GPU to run the beautiful title at over 60 FPS at 4K.
  • Everspace 2: Early Access space RPG-shooter will be updated today with support for DLSS, increasing performance by up to 80%.
  • Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition: 4A Games’ Metro Exodus update launched earlier this month with DLSS, increasing frame rates by up to 2X, turning GeForce RTX GPUs into 4K powerhouses in Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition.
  • No Man’s Sky: An upcoming update adds Nvidia DLSS for desktop and virtual reality gaming, boosting performance in desktop mode by up to 70% at 4K, substantially improving the smoothness and responsiveness of gameplay, giving GeForce RTX gamers a better overall experience.
  • Redout: Space Assault: The space shooter adds Nvidia DLSS and ray-traced effects today in a new update, for a more immersive experience.
  • Scavengers: Free-to-play shooter launched earlier this month with Nvidia DLSS, boosting performance for GeForce RTX gamers by up to 40%, enabling GeForce gamers to max out the game’s graphics and play at over 60+ FPS across all GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs.
  • Wrench: Mechanic sim adds ray tracing and Nvidia DLSS, doubling desktop performance at 4K.
  • VR DLSS updates: No Man’s Sky, Into The Radius, and Wrench

The official blog post from Nvidia shares some impressive performance uplift charts and DLSS on/off comparison videos for the above. Atop of the article you can see the NMS comparison video and below I’ve reproduced the Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition performance mode comparison table.

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, 3070 and 3060 Ti graphics cards with LHR

After various leaks concerning revised GPUs on the way, aiming to limit cryptomining performance / appeal of the existing consumer Ampere graphics cards, Nvidia has confirmed the rumours. A blog post says that it had revised the GeForce RTX 3080, 3070 and 3060 Ti GPUs to help get more product into the hands of gamers.

Nvidia keeps mum on how it is making the GPUs “less desirable to miners,” except that they will deliver a reduced Ethereum hash rate, approximately half of the first revision GPUs. Of course Nvidia isn’t talking about this tech being applied to unannounced products like the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti – or the RTX 3050/Ti for the desktop. You will also notice that the RTX 3090 isn’t being changed.

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Officially the revised GPUs will start to become available from late May and consumers should see them with a ‘Lite Hash Rate’ or ‘LHR’ identifier in both online listings and on the packaging.

Do readers welcome the arrival of Nvidia’s LHR graphics cards?

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