Oil Painting For Beginners – Tips To Help Start Oil Painting

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Oil painting is a beautiful medium for anyone who wants to start expressing his thoughts and emotions via painting. Oil painting for beginners can be a rewarding experience if the right tips are given beforehand.

In this type of painting, you will need to be able to get hold of the right materials to begin painting. You will also need to learn about some basic techniques and styles that you can use and incorporate into your own artwork so as to bring out a unique representation of your thoughts and emotions via the canvas.

The Canvas And The Materials

When starting a passion or a hobby for painting, you will need to get hold of the right materials to use. You will need a set of paintbrushes, palette knives, oil paints, a palette, and a canvas. You should be able to find the appropriate materials that will help you come up with an artwork entirely own.

An Inspiration For Painting

For any artist, there is a need for a specific inspiration in order to come up with an artwork beautifully. An inspiration is a kind of drive that will encourage you to paint a picture that is inspired by it. For many, oil painting is not only a talent, a skill, and a past time. It is more of a catharsis wherein they get to be able to express their emotions and thoughts into a more tangible substance.

Therefore, in order to come up with a meaningful artwork, you will need to find an inspiration – something that will inspire the ideas you put into your painting.

Oil Painting Techniques

Glazing is a technique wherein layers of different colors are placed on the canvas so as to come up with a color entirely different. This is done by place a first layer of color and then another, doing this up until a different color comes out of it.

Imasto is the technique used in order to come up with a painting that has its strokes heavily visible. This is done by doing heavy strokes of paint usually using the paint directly from the tube.

Toning down a canvas is especially important when a canvas looks too bright. Therefore, it is toned down using a toning substance. Generally, artists use a paint thinner to do so.


Oil painting is a beautiful talent and skill that enables you to begin out your thoughts and emotions into the canvas. However, there is a need to pick the right materials and knowledge in order to start doing so. You will need to learn about the different basic styles and techniques that will help you come up with the artwork that is the very representation of you.



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