Older Pixel smartphones updated with slightly better camera controls


Google is rolling out several camera features for its Pixel series of devices that aim to make its shooters a little better.

The most noticeable update is a new camera settings icon beside the arrow at the top of the screen. Beyond that, the camera is also getting a manual sub-section in its settings that allows you to disable the exposure slider if you want fewer controls.

There is still no actual ‘Pro’ mode that allows you to control the camera’s settings manually, but perhaps this sub-section hints at more to come.

The final update sits in the ‘Advanced’ section of the Camera app’s settings. This allows you to use the flash as a countdown timer so you can more accurately track when a timed photo is about to go off.

9to5Google says that ‘version 8.4.300.x’ of the Pixel camera app features the update and that it’s rolling out to Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 devices. Pixel 4a and older Pixels will likely get the update soon.

Source: 9to5Google 

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