Paintings – How Are They Different Today?



Painting is the application of paints, pigments, and colors to a surface. In art terms, painting refer to the process as well as the result. The amount of surfaces that can be used for painting are automatically endless, from canvas, walls, paper, wood, concrete, glass and much more. Materials such as clay, sand, paper scraps are sometimes used for modern paintings.

Artistic Expression

Painting is a wonderful way for individuals to express their beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and creativity. A number of forms exist to help the artist with their expressions, such as drawing, abstraction or composition, and others. Paintings can be classified as representational and natural, such as a landscape, an abstract, and even photographic. Narration can also be added to works of art. Some artists make use of emotion, symbolism, and political topics.

The theme of many early Eastern and Western paintings was related to spirituality beliefs and concepts. For instance, some of these types of paintings included mythological figures depicted on pottery items. Biblical scenes depicted on the ceiling and walls of the Sistine Chapel. Artists also rendered Buddha's life, and scenes associated with eastern religion were popular in those times.

What makes a painting is the representation and perception of intensity. Different levels of intensity are used through a medium by an artist, which is personified by colors. Artists will also place surfaces of varying intensity side by side in order to express shapes. The tone and color are two other essential parts to a painting, they can be likened to rhythm and pitch to music.

Paintings created by traditional artists are completely different from the modern paintings of today. The idea of ​​how a painting is made was altered in part by collages being used that started with Cubism.

For example, watercolor and acrylic art differs from oil paintings. The oil medium that's drying is bound with the pigments in this form of art. Linseed, walnut, sunflower, and poppy seed oils were used in the conventional style of oil paintings.



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