Pasta! Avocado Toast! Team USA Athletes Share Diets, Cheat Meals

Pasta! Avocado Toast! Team USA Athletes Share Diets, Cheat Meals

by Sue Jones
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Fueling up for the Beijing Olympics! Many Olympic athletes adhere to strict diets to stay in shape — but some Team USA stars still sneak in a little cheat day meal every now and then.

“It’s a little different, I think. My diet changes from out of season to [in] season,” hockey player TJ Oshie exclusively told Us Weekly ahead of the 2022 games in China. “In season, you’re trying to keep as much weight and as much muscle on as you can, and out of season, you’re trying to gain as much as you can. So, the protein intake is pretty similar and I think the carbs kinda jump up during the season. So, all around, very, very healthy, but in season I try eating basically as much as I can to try to hold my weight for around playoff time.”

Cheeseburgers Avocado Toast Team Usa Athletes Share Diets Cheat Meals

TJ Oshie and Jaelin Kauf.
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Freestyle skier Jaelin Kauf, for her part, likes to stick to her tried-and-true meal options when she can.

“I would say my go-to meal would probably be, like, a big brunch with, you know, avocado toast with eggs on top [and] maybe sweet potatoes,” Kauf, 25, explained. “[My] regular [breakfast] obviously varies depending on where we are and what type of food we can get.”

While eating clean is a big part of their daily diets, even Olympic hopefuls aren’t immune to cravings.

“I skated Friday, Saturday, Sunday, like, 3, 4, 5 days [in a row]. So I [deserved] a cheat meal yesterday [on my] day off,” sled hockey athlete Rico Roman told Us. “I drove by a [local] donut spot and it was a Memphis mafia donut. It’s a bar with, like, chocolate glaze [and] chocolate chips. It’s definitely a cheat meal.”

For biathlete Jake Brown, carb intake is crucial to keep his energy up when competing in the event.

“For me it’s pasta, for sure,” Brown, 29, told Us. “I can’t even imagine not having carbs, and for us cross country skiers, it’s so important to be loaded up for those intensity sessions. So I — especially when I’m on the road and I’m cooking for myself — [make] pasta, it’s easy.”

The Minnesota native’s culinary adventures have even gained the attention of his teammates thanks to his choice of unique toppings and additions.

“I’m also known for maybe, like, putting some interesting things in my pasta,” Brown explained. “I like to experiment a little bit. So, I love avocado in my pasta, which is kind of strange. I once tried putting ginger in my pasta, which didn’t taste so good.”

Regardless of these athletes’ cheat meals and indulgences, they are well aware that their health comes first.

“I think we know, at this point in our lives and careers, what is good for us and what isn’t,” hockey player Ryan McDonagh exclusively explained. “So, try to stick to as many good things going in the body here as you can.”

For more on these athletes’ daily diets and guilty pleasures, watch the video above!

To learn more about all the Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls, visit TeamUSA.orgWatch the Winter Olympics, beginning this February, and the Winter Paralympics, beginning this March, on NBC.

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