Peloton Releases “Like That” Inspired Ad


In some remarkably fast turnaround, fitness equipment company Peloton has released a commercial that amusingly ties into the infamous scene in the early episodes of “And Just Like That” that caused controversy just a few days ago.


The HBO Max sequel to “Sex and the City” has generated all sorts of chatter since it released its first two episodes which saw the sudden death of Chris Noth’s Mr. Big from a heart attack.

In the scene, the cardiac event takes place following a training session on a Peloton exercise bike with Big watching a video by real-life Peloton cycling instructor Jess King who appears as fictional instructor Allegra.

Despite Peloton providing their consent to have their bikes featured in the series, they were reportedly not aware of how their bikes would be incorporated into the show and so were shocked to find out.

As reported last week, the company issued a press release in response with advice from a cardiologist reminding people that use of exercise bikes helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Now, the company has created a cheeky new advertisement featuring Noth and King together on screen, having a toast in a Christmas setting before considering another workout on their pair of Peloton bikes.

Ryan Reynolds then narrates the ad going through the health benefits of using the equipment, squeezing in the phrase “And just like that” into the copy, and ending with the very quick “He’s alive”. Check out the commercial for yourself below.

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