PS5 Leads Console Early Sales Race


Ps5 Leads Console Early Sales Race

The PlayStation 5 has reportedly surpassed six million consoles sales worldwide as of the start of March – and that’s despite the shortages tied mostly to the serious global shortage of semiconductors.

VGChartz (via ScreenRant) indicates that as of March 6th, both versions of the new console has sold a combined 6.08 million units – that compares to the 3.94 million of the Xbox Series X & Series S combined up to the same period.

To put that in perspective, that puts the PlayStation 5 on par with the PlayStation 4 launch – that console released the same mid-November week in 2013 sold 6.0 million units as of March 2nd 2014.

As of the week of February 28th – March 6th on its own, the PS5 sold about 201,033 units compared to the Xbox Series X|S which sold 103,237 and the long-running Nintendo Switch which sold 423,187 units.

It’s estimated that sales to scalpers supposedly accounts for around 10% of all PS5 consoles sold.

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