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Quick News Mission Tomb Squad Dragon

Mission: Impossible 7
Cary Elwes has confirmed on Twitter that he has wrapped up filming his role in the next “Mission: Impossible” feature and posted a shot of himself alongside Tom Cruise. See that photo above.

Tomb Raider 2
Alicia Vikander tells Collider that despite the hiring of “Lovecraft Country” creator Misha Green to write and direct a sequel to 2018’s “Tomb Raider” reboot, the follow-up has not scored a green light yet:

“It’s not greenlit, but the script is in the making, and I think everyone is excited and I would love to revisit Lara again. It’s very recent. It’s really now when the world is up and running again [that the script is being written], and Misha is onboard and she’s working on the script right now. So I’m very excited to sort of read something very soon.”

The Suicide Squad
A new clip from James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” is out showcasing Nathan Fillion’s patently ridiculous TDK (aka. The Detachable Kid) character using his powers in action which mostly just seem to result in minor annoyance and disgust from his enemies. The movie hits cinemas and HBO Max on August 5th.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
The title of “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” has been announced as the name of the sequel to 2018’s “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” feature film. The 2022 release has also debuted a short teaser which you can see below:

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