Raijintek Antila Pure R100 and R240 reservoirs launched


PC cooling and cases specialist Raijintek has launched its new Antila Pure R100 and 240 reservoirs for your “super RGB LED light water cooling system”. There are four products in total here, with two reservoir sizes available (100mm and 240mm height), and two window styles available (clear [A] and bird-bone segmented [B]) making up the range of product permutations.

Whichever Antila Pure reservoir you choose you will benefit from the use of high quality construction materials like POM (Polyoxymethylene, or Acetal), Tempered Glass, Aluminum and Steel. Other key features of the designs are bullet pointed below:

  • Easy mounting and connection in multiple locations
  • Advanced building liquid loop – CPU, GPU, radiator and more DIY components
  • Use of standard G1/4″ fittings
  • Compatible with Raijintek Phorcys and Scylla series, Radiator, Water Blocks, Tubes
  • Rainbow aRGB [5V Addressable] LED light
  • R100 measures 77×77×173mm for 400ml fluid capacity
  • R240 measures 77×77×263mm for 700ml capacity
  • Supports 5V Addressable RGB enabled motherboards from all major brands (Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte, and MSI)
  • Compatible with Raijintek’s 5V ADD control set

You can get a glimpse of the aRGB lighting in use via the embedded video. Raijintek seems to support all the common motherboard standards for control and sync of the lighting, or even a standalone option controlled by the Raijintek’s 5V ADD control hub (20 modes and 7 static colours). Inside the reservoir there are 12 LEDs, so the addressable lighting effects should be quite refined. 

Raijintek hasn’t shared the Antila Pure 100/240 A/B pricing or release date.

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